Tile Roofs

There are many variations of tile roofs; however, most tiles in the St. Louis area are ceramic or fabricated from cement. Different textures and colors add to the many different variations.

Does your roof look like this?

A collage of different types of roofs and shingles.


Tile roofs are one of the earliest roofs ever utilized. Clay could be fabricated on the thigh, creating a very primitive mission tile. If laid properly on a low-pitched roof, you could render the area below virtually watertight.

Tile roofs are very popular in the South because of their ability to help cool a house. Most tile roofs will allow air to circulate directly below the tiles, between the decking and the tile roof. This enhanced air circulation is unique to tile roofs.

A cartoon of the sun and a roof.
A blue background with white and black shapes
A large brown house with snow on the roof.