About Us

St. Louis Slate & Tile Roofing

Established in 1985

Offering three generations of expertise to help you solve your roof-related problems

BBB Accredited Member A+

Over 30,000 Successful Roof Repairs

Specializing in the repair, maintenance, or replacement of all types of slate and tile roofs. We are called on for small and large jobs, residential repairs, and copper work, including gutters, downspouts, and flashings.


Our mission is to solve your problem and do so within your budget. We want you to have options whenever possible and will help you choose the logical approach.

Many customers have seen contractors who present the most expensive, elaborate approach first. Usually, they will only provide you with alternative options if they feel they're about to lose a sale.

That's not our style. We assess what's needed and submit the most logical and reasonable repair options first. When applicable, we will let you know if you can upgrade or downgrade and exactly what to expect from each one of those options.

Not all slate and tile roofs are equal. Some slate and tile roofs are worthy of the most elaborate and thorough repair possible; others are not.


St. Louis Slate & Tile Roofing is a small, three-generation, family-run company. Our tradesmen are the finest in the industry with long tenure. By retaining our tradesmen we grow a bond, a mutual patriotism to each other. Their expertise and fluency translate into professional proficiency, which means better service, workmanship, and lower prices.


For decades, we have been collecting and accumulating one of the finest collections of reclaimed slate and tile. Slate and tile roofs are the finest roofs money can buy; their service life is sometimes well over 100 years. When it comes time to repair these older roofs, you must have suitable replacement units. Our warehouse is packed solid with thousands of different kinds of slate and tile.


With over 30,000 successful roof repairs, accredited members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, established in St. Louis with 3- generations of family participation, competitive prices, good service, free inspections, and thousands of references. Why wouldn't you want to consult this company first?