Real Estate Roof Inspection

Houses built with slate or tile roofs are some of the finer houses in the St. Louis area. These roofs represent the most attractive, durable and long-lasting products available anywhere. Their qualities make them the envy of all other roofing products. Slate and tile roofs are the most complicated and difficult roofs to install requiring skilled tradesmen committed to the profession. For these reasons any buyer of a house with a slate or tile roof should have it carefully scrutinized by knowledgeable specialist.

Since their inception in 1985, St. Louis Slate & Tile Roofing has been providing the most thorough and informative Real Estate Roof Inspections available. Drawing from three generations of knowledge and experience assures all parties a fair and reasonable review of the roof.

Our inspection starts where the housing inspection stopped

What to expect from St. Louis Slate & Tile Roofing’s Real Estate Roofing Report:

  • Inspection & report is provided by a team of Slate & Tile Specialists
  • Detailed report with pictures & illustrations written in layman's terms
  • Quick turnaround time to accommodate your deadline
  • Projected estimates of future service and maintenance costs
  • Fair and reasonable assessment of the roofs pros and cons
  • Review of all standard related roof units
  • On-site review of past repairs, maintenance, or possible hail damage
  • Conclusion/recap, providing a realistic overview of what you are buying and what to expect
  • Reports include cost to repair documented damage, submitted in a separate proposal
  • Upgrades available; gutters, carriage houses, garages, difficult access, unattached buildings
  • Reasonable fees [$250 and up. / Avg Cost $250.00]

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